Sound of Art

Each year beginning in 2010, the Mizzou New Music Initiative partners with an institution in the St. Louis area to present newly written, site-specific works by Mizzou student composers performed by the Mizzou New Music Ensemble. The “Sound of Art” series aims to bring new music beyond the concert hall and to connect with the St. Louis community through unconventional presentations and venues. 

  • Gabe Evers 
  • Sofia Fiorino 
  • Atticus Schlegel 
  • Ben Rouder, I Dreamed of a Forest
  • Robyne Sieh, The Quarry
  • Nathan Swan, Open-air Ambience
  • Kyle Yerby, deconstruct

Influences Symphony

  • Holden Franklin, A Bucket and a Rag
  • Ben Rouder, M.I.Z.
  • Emily Shaw, the girl in the pines
  • Jack Snelling, City Swing

Symphony of Innovation

  • Libby Roberts, A Creative Meditation
  • Ethan Forte, Breath of Life
  • Adam Cohen, Efficiency of Locomotion
  • Mikkel Christensen, Untitled (or, Room to Breathe)

Eclipse Symphony

  • Hans Bridger Heruth, In the Shadow of the Moon
  • Dustin Dunn, Now that Daylight Fills the Sky…
  • Douglas Osmun, Convergences
  • Maeve Smucker, But You Have So Much to Live For

Sound of Chess

  • Henry Breneman Stewart, Love Your Enemy
  • Luke Henderson, Caution
  • Alex Williams, The Endgame

Sound of Zoo

  • Kaylene Cypret, Predators
  • Grant Bradshaw, Colors of Nature
  • Erin Hoerchler, Rhapsody in Zoo

Sounds of Forest Park

  • Benedetto Colagiovanni, Forest Park Rhapsody
  • Trey Makler, Elysium
  • Justin Pounds, A Leaf on the Wind
  • Matt Siens, Structural Symbiosis

The Sound of Art at the World Chess Hall of Fame

  • Joe Hills, Iridescent Labyrinth
  • Haley Myers, Spherodendron
  • Robert Strobel, Graphyne

The Sound of Art

  • David Witter, Failure to Communicate
  • Michael Strausbaugh, Crass Menagerie
  • Stephanie Berg, Paper Guns

The Garden Symphony

  • Michael Anderson,
  • Stephanie Berg, Japanese Garden 
  • Laura Griggs,
  • David Witter,
  • W. Thomas McKenney,
  • Peter Raven,