St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Collaborations

Beginning in 2017, after a series of discussions between Mizzou New Music Initiative artistic director Stefan Freund and former St. Louis Symphony Artistic Director David Robertson, the Mizzou New Music Initiative is thrilled to partner with the St. Louis Symphony for a series of readings and performances of new orchestral works by Mizzou composition students at Powell Hall.

Each year, three composers are selected to write new works to be premiered by the Symphony. In the Fall semester, the Symphony reads the works in a private session for the students; following a revision period in the Winter, the Symphony performs the final versions of the works at a public concert in the Spring.

2022-23 Composers

  • Santiago Beis, Spletna.
  • Jack Snelling, Scenes from Alongside a River.
  • Sam Whitty, Contrarian.


Public performance 7:30 pm, Wednesday, March 1, 2023, at Powell Hall. Stephanie Childress, conductor.

Previous Composers:

  • Holden Franklin, Club FOMO
  • Daniel Fitzpatrick, Ritual and Sacrifice
  • Oswald HuynhGia Dinh

Ethan Forte, I Will Find You

Hans Bridger HeruthWytchkraft

Daniel Vega, Star Seed

Mikkel Christensen, Fourteen Trees

Benedetto Colagiovanni, Slow Burn

Libby Roberts, The Lament of Orpheus

Dustin Dunn, Don’t Let the Fire Go Out

Aaron Mencher, Antrios

Douglas Osmun, ghost, receding. (unto a shaded landscape)