Undergraduate Composition Scholarships

The Mizzou New Music Initiative offers two highly competitive full-tuition scholarships in Composition for entering freshmen seeking a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition.

Composition scholarship recipients will benefit from:

  • Working with distinguished composition faculty members Stefan Freund, Yoshiaki Onishi, and Andrea Luque Karám;
  • An established composition program that regularly produces national competition winners and places students in top graduate school programs;
  • Opportunities to work with with:
    • The Mizzou New Music Ensemble, dedicated to by performing works by student composers;
    • The MU School of Music faculty on Sinquefield Student Commisioning Projects;
    • St. Louis-area musicians, as part of the Sheldon Commissions program in St. Louis, MO;
    • Visiting ensembles and performers.

This scholarship program is directed at students composing acoustic, electronic, and electroacoustic music. Such music may take the form of solo pieces, pieces accompanied by piano, chamber music, works for larger ensembles such as bands or orchestras, or works for electronic media. We understand that in today’s pluralistic musical world that such music may be influenced by a variety of musical styles, ranging from classical to popular.

Each applicant to the Composition program is considered for a full-tuition scholarship.